Patrick Hansson, en mann med briller i blå dress og hvit skjorte til venstre håndhilser på Rebecca Moberg, en kvinne med langt blondt hår, biller og blå dressjakke og hvit skjorte ute på en gågate i Sverige.

Eterni Group acquires Swedish Empleo

Rune Myrseth, CEO of Eterni Group, Patrick Hansson, CSO of Eterni Group and CEO of Eterni Sweden announce today that the company is acquiring industry colleague Empleo based in Växjö. Axcel-owned Eterni Group has acquired all ownership interests in Empleo to integrate Empleo into the Nordic staffing company Eterni Group, and through this continues the creation of a leading Nordic supplier of flexible staffing solutions.

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Change in company ownership

CEO of Eterni Group, Rune Myrseth, is excited to announce a change in company ownership. Axcel has acquired Eterni from the private equity firm Herkules,

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